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“Elephantastic” copyright 2012 Shayla Tansey

Got a request for a piece featuring a mother elephant and her calf at a watering hole. I haven’t done any wildlife pieces for a while so this was a nice change of pace to work on for the long weekend. HB 2 pencil and some sketchpad paper, as well as a couple solid days of work are what brought this one to life. Thanksgiving is a great time to connect with family and friends, as well as get in some good relaxation time and I’m happy to report I got all of that accomplished this weekend. I hope this mother elephant and her baby inspire you to go spend some time with your own mother, best friend, or other loved one today.  I’m really not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow. Better eat some more pumpkin pie and enjoy it while it lasts. Happy Thanksgiving, Canadians!

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“Biomechanihunk” copyright 2012 Shayla Tansey

I designed a “Biomechanihunk” last night. I like robots. Mostly I like thinking about how robotics are going to shape the people of the future. You can check out a talk with Anthony Atala from Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine  showing how they can already grow human organs in a lab. With the rate that science and medicine is going, it’s not going to be long before we are able to regenerate organs, but in the meantime you can always go play rock, paper, scissors with a robotic arm that will beat you 100% of the time, or control robot legs with your mind. Yep, it’s not going to be long before little T-800′s are walking around. Let’s hope they make them easier to understand than Arnold. I feel like I might understand a robot better than I do most human men so let’s hope those scientists get on this soon so I don’t have to sit at home alone next friday night. Assuming that the Biomechanihunk also does housework because he will need to do his share all of the housework if he’s going to be living with me. Anyways, enjoy my latest pencil creation. What would your robot look like?

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It’s always interesting for me to see which of my artworks are popular with others. This one was drawn on my couch while watching Jurassic Park. That’s right, I’m that cool.  Sometimes I think about what it would be like if dinosaurs still existed.  By sometimes I mean a lot. Would we live in trees? I can’t imagine having a house with gigantic brontosaurus’ walking around.  It’s too bad we’ll never really know how intelligent dinosaurs were, maybe they could’ve been trained! I’d like a pterodactyl to fly me to work every morning.  If anything about Jurassic park is accurate, I would like to believe that the velociraptors would be the smart ones of the group. Maybe they could figure out a way to stop global warming. Imagine the Calgary Stampede! Chuckwagons with triceratops, and let’s up the bull riding by throwing those cowboys on top of a Tyrannosaurus.  What would you like to see?